Marketing Strategy

    Whether you have a current marketing program in place or need to start from scratch, our marketing team will work with you to develop a customized strategy that not only targets your buyers but will also work with your budget.

    Marketing & branding strategy CCS InnovationsMore than a cookie cutter, off the shelf report, CCS Innovations, LLC’s strategic marketers will create a completely custom and thorough marketing and branding strategy that provides you with steps to improve your brand and grow your business.

    Our strategies are guides for growing your business, and many clients of our clients are speechless when they first read them. We include so much eye opening information and actionable suggestions in every marketing and branding strategy!

    A CCS Innovations, LLC Marketing and Branding Strategy includes:


      • Thorough market research, reviewing your current marketing efforts, marketplace, and  competition
      • Audit your brand and suggest changes, if needed
    • Develop a buyer profile
      • Advise on specific marketing activities
      • Create a plan, including a 1 year calendar of month by month marketing items and a list farther reaching items
      • A follow-up meeting to discuss findings

    In addition to our marketing strategy services, our senior marketers can conduct a marketing or brand audit, using our experienced eyes to review a current marketing program.

  • Since marketing is not my background, I had no clue as to what I needed to do in order to grow my business.  The marketing strategy that I received from CCS Innovations contained so much information that it took me a week to go through it.  It outlined every area of marketing and gave me detailed instructions as to what I need to do and even included examples.  But the best part of the strategy is that it is written in “plain english,” for business owners like me who do not have marketing experience.  I refer to my strategy every week in order to lay out my to-do-list for that week, as it has become my business bible.  I am also able to pick up a phone anytime I need some clarification or help, which is absolutely amazing and way beyond the service I thought I would receive. 

    I didn’t just receive the strategy and nothing more. The fact that there was a follow-up phone call to go over the strategy was wonderful.  Even better, the fact that I can still ask a question if needed is beyond amazing.  I love the fact that CCS Innovations is just as interested in my business’ growth as I am, which is clearly shown through the level of customer service I receive.

    I will definitely use CCS Innovations to do my annual marketing strategy, as well as my website and other marketing materials as needed.  I will definitely refer any business owner I come across who needs marketing help and will share with them my amazing experience.”

    – S.H., President & CEO