marketing strategy: your business’s masterplan

    What should your marketing program look like? Are there opportunities to save time and money yet still be effective? Are you targeting the right buyers, the right way? Answers to these questions and more are found in a strategic marketing plan written by one of our experienced marketers.

    An effective marketing program has to match up with your own business culture, services or products, marketplace, and targeted buyers. It needs to fit within your budget and work with your available resources.

    This is where our experience will save your business time and money while maximizing ROI. We understand that effectively planning your marketing must be a custom effort: its success relies on its being as unique as your business’s needs and goals.

    This is where our team shines! Whether we’re creating a full marketing strategy or conducting a program audit, we’ll evaluate and address your current challenges before mapping out paths by which your business can succeed in the future. We’ll use a combination of big picture and detail analysis that incorporate a wide range of marketing channels chosen for your industry, market, and budget, all chosen to help your business achieve your growth goals.

  • our strategic marketing work will:

    • develop custom plans & programs
    • audit brand & current marketing efforts
    • profile target buyers
    • research & evaluate competition & marketplace
    • determine marketing mix & action calendar
    • focus marketing efforts & allocate budget
    • map out growth