Small Business Marketing Audit


small business marketing auditDo you have a current marketing program in place but haven’t achieved much success?  Are you looking to launch a new marketing campaign and would like a fresh set of expert eyes to evaluate it before spending too much on advertising and delivery?  Are you curious about your current marketing team’s efforts and desire a fresh set of eyes?

Geared toward small to mid-size businesses, our marketing audits are intended to make sense of marketing challenges or stumbling blocks while at the same time highlighting issues our clients may not have seen before.  Our professional team will look at all or part of your marketing program and evaluate it for brand consistency, style, effectiveness, and more.  We can also look at specific campaign or promotion ideas and weigh the anticipated return on investment against our clients’ budgets and business resources.

Conducted by senior marketing professionals, our marketing audits are a pain-free process by which holes in messaging, brand, style, or effectiveness are unearthed.  Each marketing audit offers suggestions for updating and fixing any weaknesses, while at the same time highlighting strengths.

Unlike a full marketing strategy, our marketing audits are geared toward the current challenges faced by our clients. Each begins with a custom marketing questionnaire that will help our team better understand our clients’ goals and needs as well as internal resources. Topics typically covered in a marketing audit include:

  • Brand and branding,
  • Messaging,
  • Communications reach and mix,
  • Scheduling and consistency,
  • Current marketing program,
  • and more!