Trade Shows and Events

trade shows and events
Meeting potential clients and customers at targeted events is a part of any successful business program.  The key is ensuring the message your company shares at trade shows and events sells your brand’s story in a succinct and eye catching manner that draws clients and customers in for more information.

The CCS Innovations, LLC team has years and years of successful trade shows and events experience.  We have promoted companies at some of the world’s largest events and introduced brands to smaller, single table settings.  We share our expertise with our clients and help develop a trade shows and events strategy that offers the biggest return on their budgets.

Our team can be as involved as our clients need, from writing a simple plan through helping set up and work a booth at larger shows.  We can design booth graphics, manage the various show needs, and create custom promotional materials and campaigns.  We are ever-mindful of our clients’ budgets and tailor our involvement to our clients’ needs and available internal resources.

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