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  • Designer Mutts: A Branding Success Story

    DesignerMuttsI’m fascinated by the designer mutt phenomenon.  Not because people are capitalizing on what was once free, or the sharp rise in people breeding animals as novelty, or even because a much-loved rescue mutt is part of my family, but by the amazing marketing force that has led to the demand for all things “doodle” or “poo”. Rarely do we see cases of product image turnaround this extreme, achieved with so little investment, by so many! Yet somehow these once free furry friends now command high dollar price tags from just about anyone, anywhere in our country. What changed? It’s simple, really: they became branded businesses and applied marketing. Read on

  • When Bad Marketing Happens to Good Companies

    JAN2015KnockoutBad marketing, the scourge of business and squelcher of growth dreams, can happen to the best of companies. Sometimes it stems from a concept that wasn’t executed properly due to budget or talent, other times it can be simply bad luck, such as a campaign launch the same day as a major disaster. No matter the cause, bad marketing can be a right hook to business growth, leading to a loss in customers and revenue if left unchecked. Read on…

  • 7 Ways a Marketing Strategy Will Grow Your Business

    marketing strategies“What is the best money I can spend in marketing to grow my business?”  Without a doubt, this is the question I’m most frequently asked by small business owners.  It may seem like a question that is promptly followed by an “it depends” type of answer, however, it’s actually quite easy to pinpoint one tool that is relatively inexpensive, delivers a high ROI and, sadly, is not commonly found in a small businesses’ toolbox.  It’s a marketing strategy… read more
  • Developing Your New Year Marketing Plan Checklist

    NewYearIt’s a new year!  It’s time to celebrate with champagne, parties, and special “luck rituals” that will lead to a fantastically fortunate and healthy year.  But what luck rituals can you perform to help your business grow in the new year?  While not quite as sexy as champagne, savvy business owners know that they can make their own luck by polishing off the final details of their business’s marketing plan… read more

  • Branding a Spaceship: the Importance of Setting a Marketing Budget

    CCSInnovationsrocketship Branding a Spaceship: the Importance of Setting a Marketing BudgetSetting a marketing budget is one of the trickier and more frustrating parts of small business management.  It’s also one of the most important. Set too little and it could mean a loss in sales.  Set too much and it could mean another aspect of the business will have to be cut.  Set no budget at all and one could quickly face a pile of marketing invoices that eat at money reserves meant to last all year… read more
  • Small Business Branding 101

    CCSBranding 1024x483 Small Business Branding 101Branding.  Most small businesses know they need it, but few understand branding’s true role or what goes into developing a memorable brand.  Some small businesses imbue it with colossal power, treating branding as if it’s the golden snitch of the business world: once created, business has been won.  Others feel branding is an luxury expense a small business should shelve until after profitability has been reached.  And others are confused about its purpose and hold branding as an either / or to marketing… read more
  • 11 Ways To Waste Money In Marketing

    WasteMoneyMarketingMention marketing budgets to small business owners and a look of dread mixed with frustration may cross their faces.  Why? Because marketing seems expensive on face value and almost anyone in business can recite a situation where “marketing” was a waste of money. This is a shame as marketing, when conducted properly, is the most cost-effective way to reach a mass buying audience and grow business.  In other words, succeed… read more
  • Trade Show Guidelines: Marketing Your Business Through Trade Shows and Events


    Sooner or later most small business owners contemplate exhibiting at a trade show or special event.  This crazy, hectic part of marketing often means long hours, significant investments, and confusing, paper-work driven details completely foreign to the average person.  It can also be an outstanding way to present a business to a captive buying audience – as long it’s done correctly.  Below are a few Trade Show Guidelines that have helped me succeed in the event world: Read on…