Client Testimonials

At CCS Innovations®, we love to make our clients happy and appreciate receiving positive feedback.  Here are a few comments from our clients:
  • The CCS Innovations team was detail-oriented and customer-focused.  They learned what we do and what matters to us and expressed it perfectly on our new website and through marketing slick sheets.  They have helped our solid team look more polished and professional.

    I would highly recommend CSS Innovations to individuals and businesses seeking marketing material generation and website presence.  Their team is responsive, thorough, and professional.  The end results far exceed the minimal investment.

    – Stacey, Business Director


  • “CCS Innovations designed a tri-fold brochure for our business and then updated and redesigned our web site. Bonnie is the most professional web site designer and marketer that I’ve ever worked with. She is extremely knowledgeable and skilled at her craft and elevated our marketing to a whole new level.

    (We were) offered state-of-the-art solutions to our unique web site needs. (Bonnie and her team) developed a site that is much easier to maintain and is beautiful to look at. The questionnaire that she starts her projects with is very useful for the client as well as for her to focus on the client’s needs and desires and develop the best approach to meet them.”

    Would we use CCS Innovations again? Would we recommend CCS Innovations to a friend or colleague?


    -Cathy, Owner

    Fairhaven Homes

  • “I was very impressed by another website that CCS had created and had hoped that they could work the “same magic” on my site.  I was not disappointed as my revised website is so much more professional and consumer friendly.  I love the graphics, the changing text, the drop down menus and the ease of viewing on the site.

    CCS had a vision of my site that I could never have defined.  Although the Questionnaire is lengthy, it requires much thought as to how I would like to be presented to the world, especially future clients.  I believe that Bonnie’s great experience and her expertise are her greatest assets.  She relates so well to clients and definitely delivers on her promises.  The end product is in a word “fantastic.

    Not only would I recommend CCS to anyone needing a website, they are already working on another site for a new business venture.  After my colleagues saw the website CCS had created for my business, they never considered interviewing anyone else to create our new company site.  CCS exceeds all expectations.”

    – Joan Coullahan, Certified Financial Divorce Expert


  • “My experience with CCS Innovations, LLC was absolutely memorable! I had a major deadline and my fears were totally alleviated. The process and speed in service delivered was commendable. I could not have asked for a better source to help me in my time of need.  Flexibility is the word that comes to mind when I think of what was “most helpful” while working with CCS.

    Would I use CCS again? Absolutely, no questions about and planning do so in the very near future.  This is a no-brainer – I absolutely would recommend CCS. Already did!”

    – Karlene Sinclair-Robinson, KsR Solutions, LLC Alternative Financing Expert & Best Selling Author: Spank The Bank: THE Guide To Alternative Business Financing

  • “I had contacted 5 other companies to help me launch my new company and products.  They presented me with professionally detailed materials and proposals, but I was concerned was whether I could TRUST what they were saying and work with them. I had many doubts. Then I spoke with and eventually hired CCS Innovations, LLC for multiple projects and have more planned in the future.  

    I trust CCS as a major partner in my new company launch.  The marketing strategy they created for me is very helpful. I  could tell right away that CCS did thorough research and spent a lot of time developing the strategy.  I have asked CCS to continue as a strategic business partner as we launch nationally and internationally!”

    – Dr. Ough, CEO
  • “Since marketing is not my background, I had no clue as to what I needed to do in order to grow my business.  The marketing strategy that I received from CCS Innovations contained so much information that it took me a week to go through it.  It outlined every area of marketing and gave me detailed instructions as to what I need to do and even included examples.  But the best part of the strategy is that it is written in “plain english,” for business owners like me who do not have marketing experience.  I refer to my strategy every week in order to lay out my to-do-list for that week, as it has become my business bible.  I am also able to pick up a phone anytime I need some clarification or help, which is absolutely amazing and way beyond the service I thought I would receive. 


    I didn’t just receive the strategy and nothing more. The fact that there was a follow-up phone call to go over the strategy was wonderful.  Even better, the fact that I can still ask a question if needed is beyond amazing.  I love the fact that CCS Innovations is just as interested in my business’ growth as I am, which is clearly shown through the level of customer service I receive. I will definitely use CCS Innovations to do my annual marketing strategy, as well as my website and other marketing materials as needed.  I will definitely refer any business owner I come across who needs marketing help and will share with them my amazing experience.”

    – Shateea, President & CEO
  • “We recently has CCS design a rack card for us.  A picture can tell a thousand words when handing out a information to prospective customers!  It was a very easy to work electronically with CCS, allowing us to gather and submit information when time permitted in our schedule.  We were able to respond to their questions and suggestions electronically, making it very fast and convenient.

    We will definitely use CCS again and recommend them to others!  Our project went smoothly, was affordable, and turned out great!  Though this is an electronic age, having a good handout is still important!”

    – Donna Kulesza, President

    Dulles Case Center

  • “My CCS Innovations experience was fantastic! The team really listened to what I wanted to achieve with our marketing handouts and the questions asked about our goals with our project were very helpful. I love that my new print materials tie into my web site as I feel it stays in the consumer’s mind easier. There was a very quick turnaround time as well. Plus, they knew of a really great place for us to get them printed quickly.  We’ve already used CCS Innovations again for other projects.”

    – Lisa W.
  • “My business started out with a handful of clients sold by word of mouth and no marketing. We had hit a plateau and needed help. CCS Innovations helped me brand my company and provided a top quality strategy and marketing materials without breaking the bank.”

    James, President, 1033 Consultants
  • CCS Innovations made developing our marketing program easy! We had nothing but an idea when we started. They took our basic idea and created everything from our logo to our online store front. They held our hand and helped us launch with our sanity intact. We will definitely use them again and again!”

  • “We found CCS Innovations’s experience and expertise very helpful. As a small company with many startup expenses. CCS Innovations worked on ideas and projects that would give us the most for our budget. We would absolutely recommend CCS Innovations again! We already tell people about them – often!”

    – Nimmi, COO,
    Handcrafted one of a kind jewelry.
  • “Most people after one year forget the name of the real estate agent they used. I use CCS Innovations to remind past clients to call me or refer me when they need a Realtor! And it works! My business cards and ads are a custom design by CCS and I have always received compliments on them from both clients and colleagues. Marketing is my most important tool but quality and price are critical – I would not use anyone else but CCS. Thanks!”

    – Kathy, Top Producer Realtor